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Another grammar-challenged recruiter

From: meena <meena AT cbsinfosystems DOT com>

To: Marnen Laibow-Koser <marnen AT marnen DOT org>


             I came across your resume through DICE .I have Very urgent
requirement matching with your Profile .If you are interested for this
position Please  send me following details ASAP ,as Requirement is
very urgent .You can contact me at this no.   5108702259 .Do you
have any other Consultant for this Requirement ,you can send their details .

(and then a job requirement followed)

poughkeepsie, leaves, black, violin, cxs

Worst-written message from a recruiter yet?

I received the following e-mail message from an IT recruiter. I am posting it in its entirety, editing only to render into HTML and to obfuscate e-mail addresses so I don't make more spambait. Names have not been changed to protect the linguistically challenged.

Note: I realize that this guy may be perfectly intelligent and capable of expressing himself in his native language, but there's no way that he should be sending out English-language e-mail without more study -- and I am surprised that his employer didn't realize this, since previous messages from them haven't been nearly so bad.

From: <vijay DOT majji AT makrotech DOT com>
Date: September 17, 2007 9:43:44 AM EDT
To: <marnen AT marnen DOT org>
Subject: Direct Client Requirement

Hi Marnen,
                   I Got U'r EmailID From Our DataBase.We Have A Reqt For Java Developer Position So I sent A Mail to u.If U'r Looking For This Type Of Requiremenet's ,I Would Appreciate U,If U Send me U'r Updated Resume .

Vijay Kumar Majji,
Makro Technologies,
P:973.481.0100 ext 3095.